How Much Is My Car Worth?

What is My Car Value?

Selling a used car isn’t a complicated process – especially if you sell to a company like CarZilo However, determining your car’s worth and ensuring you get the most value for it may require a little bit of work.

When it comes to appraising the value of a used car, there’s no set formula, unfortunately. Besides the make and the model, there’s a wide variety of factors that you have to take into consideration. These include:

Model & Make

Because of depreciation, older cars value much less than newer ones. Of course, there are some exceptions, but for most makes and models, that’s generally the rule of thumb.

Trim Level

The trim level of your vehicle will also have a significant impact on how it’ll be valued. If your car has leather seat upholstery, chrome wheels, heated seats, it’ll naturally have a higher value.

Mileage & Condition

Mileage and condition are the primary factors that determine the price of a used vehicle—and it’s easy to see why. Just like evert other machine, a car is built to last for a certain period of time, and the ore miles you clock up, the more the wear and tear the car is subjected to. It goes without saying that a car with 200,000 miles on the odometer is likely to have a much lower value than a car that has 30,000.

This bring us to condition, which is more subjective than mileage but exactly as important. Now, condition includes a wide variety of things, such as the state of the cars exterior and interior, and how well its mechanical and electrical components are functioning. Although mileage and condition have a close association, they aren’t directly correlated. Cars with malfunctioning electronic equipment, ton upholstery, dents or scratches, and other similar issues will not be as sought-after as cars that have been cared for and maintained properly.


Some colors have a better value than others. According to Kelley Blue Book, the best color in terms of resale value are white, silver, black, dark blue, and dark gray.

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