Quite a few people who’d like to sell their cars just aren’t aware of the best way to do so, and many get lowballed for their cars because they aren’t familiar with the process of selling a car.

So if you’ve recently thought, “I should sell my car,” read on as we discuss some of the most important pieces of information you should know about before selling your car.

Old ford truckRequired Paperwork

Maybe the most annoying part about having the car is the paperwork that comes along with it. While not every person likes keeping the paperwork together, including maintenance receipts, those who do often get a better offer on their cars.


If you plan on selling your car to a private buyer, this is extremely important; however, even with dealerships having more documents ready will be a good step forward. In most dealerships, you will need to verify your ownership of the car and the make and model of the car through documents.

Car Evaluations

The value of your car is decided by the evaluations of car experts who decide how well your car works and if it’s worth the money being spent on it. Again, how this happens between private parties may differ, but most dealerships will use this method.


The car will most likely be ranked on the following factors, among a few others; the overall physical condition of the car, the year it was purchased, how long it’s been driven, and the service and accident history of the car. These main factors, with some others, will determine how valuable your car is, and the offer made is usually based on this information.

black mercedes

Selling Damaged Cars

Some people may not know that dealerships will buy old cars even if they have some damage done to them, as long as the car is still driveable. So, if you’ve been worried about not being able to get a good price on your car, you now know that dealerships will still make offers.


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