There’s so much that you can do to improve the way your car works. Minor tweaks and changes can go a long way in determining how well your car is performing, so make sure you know all about them to truly unleash the potential of your car.

Here are some ways you can take your car to the next level.

The exhaust system of a black car

1. Exhaust System Upgrade

An upgraded exhaust system plays an enormous role in determining that your car performs at the optimal level. From increased horsepower to better torque, your car’s engine will now be better equipped to produce a lot more power.

Moreover, an increased power output plays a part in your car’s fuel efficiency, which is always a plus as it’ll help you save on your monthly expenses.

2. Air Filter Upgrade

An upgraded air filter works towards improving the same aspects which a new exhaust system work to improve: horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency.

The filter acts as a barrier for the engine against debris and dust which the wind carries. Cleaner air reaching the engine will be instrumental in prolonging the life of your car’s engine. Additionally, cleaner air mixing with the engine will contribute to better combustion.

3. Oil Filter Upgrade

An oil filter’s primary function is to filter out the contaminants that can accumulate in the vehicle’s fuel. Car oil that’s compromised when it comes to purity and quality can adversely affect the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Thus, an oil filter upgrade goes a long way in boosting a car’s performance.

A clean car engine with all its parts is displayed

4. Buy High-Quality Spark Plugs

High-quality spark plugs play a huge role in determining how well the ignition process works for your car. The better the ignition process, the more efficient the combustion process will be.

5. Buying Better Lubricants

Using high-quality lubricants and oil for your car’s engine may seem like a simple task, but it contributes a lot more than you may think. Saving a few bucks while buying lubricants won’t be worthwhile in the long run.

Make sure you get good quality lubricants as they help with the car’s fuel efficiency and smooth flow of parts by reducing friction.


There’s so much that you can do to boost your car’s performance. Sometimes the task is too complicated, and your car may very well be past it. In that case, get in touch with us at CarZilo!

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