Like all liabilities, cars depreciate over time, reducing the price you’d obtain when you sell yours as time passes.

Fortunately, there are ways you can boost your vehicle’s current value. With these hacks, you can get more cash when you sell your car.

nine or ten cars parked in a row#1. Upkeep Your Car’s Tires

Maintaining your car’s tires is critical because doing so improves your expected gas mileage, and it hardly costs anything to keep them filled using air pumps at gas stations.

In the majority of pumps, filling your tires with air will cost you slightly over one dollar, so it’s worth the benefit to your car’s resale value.

#2. Upgrade or Repair Your Brakes

Replacing your brake pads around every 30,000 miles will significantly boost your car’s value.

If you’re good with mechanics, you can buy long-lasting brake pads and install them yourself. Alternatively, you can have a mechanic replace them for you.

A black car wheel showing the braking mechanism#3. Complete the Necessary Repairs

To ensure you get a reasonable price when you want to sell your old car for cash, get a complete check-up done by a mechanic to see how your car is doing overall. If it requires minor repairs, particularly if they improve its aesthetics, it’s worth investing in them because you’ll walk away with more cash when you sell.

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