Beat my Carmax offer

If you’re looking to sell your car now in LA, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. But not every auto company will give you the best price and the most attractive terms when you’re ready to sell your car instantly online.

At CarZilo, we believe in giving our customers an experience that’s not just smooth and stress-free, but also rewarding. This is why we beat CarMax offers and give you the most value for your vehicle.

Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1: Visit a CarMax Store Near You

First, you’ll need to look up your nearest CarMax store from their website.

Contact the store to set up an appointment, or simply visit them and have them appraise your car.

Once the approval is complete, the CarMax staff will give you an offer in writing. They’ll remind you that you can redeem the offer then and there, as long as all paperwork and other legal requirements (such as the presence of all titleholders) are in order.

Step 2: Check Your CarMax Offer

Note that you don’t need to redeem the offer on the spot. CarMax’s official policy allows you to take up to 7 days to consider your options, so you can make sure that you’re choosing the best offer possible.

Collect your offer document, and return home.

Step 3: Upload Your CarMax Offer to CarZilo

Now, you need to visit our dedicated page for submitting and beating CarMax offers.

Upload the offer document and fill in the other details in our customer-friendly form, then click ‘Submit’.

While CarMax gives you a week to weigh your options, we’ll get back to you in 5 days with a better and higher offer. Once you accept the offer, all that’s left to do is deciding what to do with the cash.

Remember to disclose all the pertinent information about your car—such as its equipment condition, mileage, and any cosmetic or structural damage—to avoid any hassle.

Why Choose CarZilo?

There are a few reasons why CarZilo is the better option when it comes to cash for cars in Los Angeles County:

CarZilo pays you more!

CarZilo beats Carmax offers all the time and put more profit into the seller’s pocket. With CarZilo instant cash and CarZilo Concierge service we are guaranteed to beat your Carmax offer.

Payment Method

CarMax hands you a bank draft that can’t be cashed and must be deposited instead. You might also need to check with your bank if they have any hold policies in place.

On the other hand, CarZilo pays you for your car with wire transfer, Online transfer, ACH, dealer check and cash, which you can use instantly.

No Pick-Up Service

CarMax doesn’t offer a pick-up service, so if you want to sell your car to them, you need to visit them in person.

If you can’t make it to one of CarZilo’s locations, our team will gladly come to you.

If you’re able to bring your ride to one of our locations, you can enjoy our free drop-off service to return home.

If you want to sell your luxury car online or even sell your old car in Orange County, you can count on CarZilo to give you the most convenient experience with the best offer. Get a cash for cars online quote today, and get ready to earn from your car sale. Contact us to get started.

Locations to beat Carmax Offer!

Our services are available across Southern California. Our main areas of operation include the following cities and counties.

Beat Carmax offer Los Angeles County Beat Carmax offer Orange County Beat Carmax offer Riverside County Beat Carmax offer Ventura CountyBeat Carmax offer San Diego County

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