You’ve considered selling your car before but put it off because your vehicle was sentimental, or you didn’t have the time, or your car wasn’t as bad then as you’re starting to think it is now.

Here are the signs you need to know that your car is on death’s door, and you’re better off selling it for cash.

An old truck in Los Angeles that should be sold

#1. It Costs More Than It’s Worth

Repairs over time become expensive. Over the years, your vehicle will require more frequent maintenance as well. This phenomenon is the equivalent of a car experiencing multiple organ failures.

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Image Alt Text: Man fixing a beat-up old car in San Diego  when he should sell his car for cash

#2. You Need a Different Type of Vehicle

You got your first or second car when you were younger. The vehicle used to fit your lifestyle back then but likely won’t work with your current lifestyle and needs.

Perhaps you have a larger family, have gotten married, have a new job, and need a car that matches your upgraded needs.

Man fixing a beat-up old car in San Diego when he should sell his car for cash#3. It Consistently Makes You Suffer

Getting consistently late for work, family, and personal commitments because your car is out of order can become frustrating. You must ask yourself if the suffering you experience due to your current car’s inadequacy is greater than the attachment you experience for its memories.

At a certain point, it’s time to let go and cash in.

Pictures last longer than your car ever will.

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