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The Lexus GS was launched in 1991 by Toyota under their premier luxury brand: Lexus. This vehicle was designed as a performance sedan and came under the mid-luxury category. There are a total of 4 generations in the Lexus GS series, and all of them are fitted with a V8 engine. There are two general layouts available for the Lexus GS; a front engine with rear-wheel drive and a front engine with all-wheel drive. A hybrid version of this vehicle was also released in 2005 and has been available for all models since.

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If you own a Lexus GS and want to sell your Lexus GS you might find that it’s harder to get rid of a luxury branded car than it is to sell a standard vehicle. This is because many private buyers are generally not looking to buy a luxury vehicle, or it may be out of their range. This is why you should opt for something like CarZilo’s car buying service. Our licensed cash for car service will ensure that your car is sold at the highest rate so that the sale is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We provide a service that lets you sell your Lexus GS online. By filling out our online form with the basic details of your vehicle and your contact information, you could be ready to sell your Lexus in less than 5 minutes. The required details for your car are as follows: the year of its release, the make and model of it, and the license plate number or VIN number if it is available.


Once this information is shared, CarZilo will run it by a number of different resources to calculate what the market valuation for your vehicle is. Using that as a base, CarZilo will make an offer that goes beyond that valuation to ensure the best offer comes from our end.

If you accept this offer, the next step is to schedule an inspection with CarZilo, either at their office or at a location of your choosing. The CarZilo experts will conduct a routine inspection, after which you only need to sign the DMV documents for the transfer of ownership and collect your cash.

This service is generally available in Southern California in the following regions: Los Angeles County, Riverside, San Diego, Orange County, and Ventura County.

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Our services are available across Southern California. Our main areas of operation include the following cities and counties.

MODEL History

Lexus GS Short History

The Lexus GS, first introduced in 1993, is a mid-size luxury sedan known for its blend of performance, comfort, and reliability. Positioned between the Lexus ES and the flagship LS, the GS offered a sportier driving experience compared to its siblings, making it a compelling choice for buyers seeking a dynamic yet luxurious vehicle.

Throughout its production, the GS was available with a range of engine options, including smooth and efficient V6 engines, powerful V8s in the GS F performance models, and hybrid variants. The car’s rear-wheel-drive architecture (with all-wheel drive available in some models) contributed to its engaging handling and balanced driving dynamics.

The design of the GS combined elegant lines with a sporty stance, featuring the distinctive Lexus spindle grille and sharp styling cues. The interior was crafted with high-quality materials and featured advanced technology, including sophisticated infotainment systems and a suite of driver-assistance features.

The Lexus GS appealed to those looking for a luxury sedan that offered a sportier driving experience without compromising on comfort, quality, and Lexus’s renowned reliability. While production of the GS ended in 2020, it remains a respected model in the luxury sedan market.