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Did you know that the Jeep Liberty was first designed to replace the Jeep Cherokee in the United States? It falls between the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in value. However, this SUV was only in production from 2002 till 2012, after which Jeep went back to the Cherokee badge and discontinued the Jeep liberty. This unibody compact SUV comes with either a 4-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive with a front-engine. Sell My Jeep Liberty online!

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If you own a Jeep Liberty and are now thinking about selling your SUV, consider selling it to CarZilo’s licensed car buying service. At CarZilo, we have a cash for car policy that promises upfront cash payments for your vehicle once the sale has been finalized. Our service areas include most of the Southern California region. This consists of the following counties and cities: Ventura County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside city, and San Diego city.

At CarZilo, we’re known to offer the best rates for the vehicles we buy and providing amazing customer services. We don’t believe that you should spend an unnecessarily long time trying to sell your vehicle. You can sell your vehicle online easily through our online form, and in less than 5 minutes! Our online form only requires details about the year of your SUV’s release, the make and the model of it, and the license plate number or VIN number, if it’s available. Along with your contact details, that’s all the information needed for CarZilo to make an offer on your car.

With this information, CarZilo will check various sources to determine the market value of your SUV. Once the value has been determined, CarZilo creates a custom quote that’s higher than the market valuation. This ensures that no time is wasted in unnecessary negotiations. Once you receive the quote, you may choose to accept it within 5 days of getting it.

If you do accept the offer, CarZilo will schedule you for a quick inspection at either their facilities or at a location of your choosing. If you visit the CarZilo offices, you can get a complimentary ride back to your home after your vehicle has been sold. The inspection itself is quite routine and only takes 30 minutes to complete. After the inspection, you only need to sign the DMV documents CarZilo will prepare and collect your cash.

Popular Jeep Liberty models

  • jeep Liberty Utility 4D Limited 2WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Renegade 2WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Sport 2WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Limited CRD 4WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Limited Jet 2WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Limited 4WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Renegade 4WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Sport 4WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Sport CRD 4WD
  • Jeep Liberty Utility 4D Limited Jet 4WD

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MODEL History

Jeep Liberty Short History

The Jeep Liberty, first introduced in 2002 as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee in North America, is a compact SUV known for its off-road capability and practical design. The Liberty offered a blend of Jeep’s rugged off-road heritage with the comfort and convenience of a smaller, more urban-friendly SUV.

Available with a range of engine options, including a notable diesel engine option in certain years, the Liberty provided adequate power for both city driving and off-road adventures. It featured Jeep’s renowned four-wheel-drive systems, making it capable in various terrains and weather conditions.

The design of the Liberty was a balance between traditional Jeep styling and a modern, more rounded aesthetic. Inside, the Liberty was designed to be functional and comfortable, with enough space for passengers and cargo, suitable for daily commuting and outdoor escapades.

The Jeep Liberty was well-received for its off-road prowess, compact size, and versatility, appealing to those who wanted a vehicle capable of handling adventurous driving demands while still being practical for everyday use.