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The Ford Ranger is an interesting nameplate as it has been used for different truck models in different parts of the world by Ford Motors. In the North American market, the Ford Ranger is a light pick-up truck slotted behind the Ford E150 in the company’s truck lineup. The Ford Ranger is the smallest pick-up truck currently available for purchase from Ford Motors. From its release in 1983 till 2012, the Ford Ranger was available as a compact pick-up truck but has been available as a mid-size truck when it was re-released in 2019. Sell my Ford Ranger for the highest CASH OFFER Today!

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If you’re trying to sell your old Ford Ranger but have a hard time finding buyers or getting good offers, then try and reach out to CarZilo in Southern California for the highest possible offer you could receive on your truck. Our licensed car buying service will help ensure that you get a great price for your truck and receive excellent customer service in the selling process. Our cash for car service is available in the following counties and cities: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside, and San Diego.


The best way to sell your truck to us is through our web form, which lets you sell your vehicle online in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is fill out the form with basic details about your car, such as its make and model, its year of release, and its VIN number or license plate number, if those are available. These details, along with your contact information, are all we need to make an offer for your truck. We use the truck details to determine the current market value of your vehicle and then send you an offer that goes beyond that valuation. This process helps ensure no other buyer will outbid us, and no time is wasted with negotiations.

If you accept the offer, your truck will be scheduled for an inspection and appraisal. Our team will also prepare all necessary DMV documents to finalize the sale beforehand. All you have to do is either visit our premises or choose a location at which the inspection can occur. Once the inspection is complete, the only thing left to do is sign the paperwork, hand over your keys, and collect your cash payment on the spot. You can then also avail a complimentary ride home if you visited our offices.

Popular Ford Ranger models

  • Ford Ranger Pickup Style
  • Ford Ranger Styleside
  • Ford Ranger Styleside S
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab Flareside Splash
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab Edge
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab XLT
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D XL
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D Edge
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D XLT
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D STX
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab Sport
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D Sport
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab XLT ( )
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab Lariat 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab XL 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab XLT 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab Lariat 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab XL 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab XLT 4WD
  • Ford Ranger Pickup Style LB
  • Ford Ranger Styleside LB
  • Ford Ranger Styleside Supercab
  • Ford Ranger Supercab
  • Ford Ranger Supercab Flareside Splash
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab XL
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D Edge
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D XLT
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D XL
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab STX
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 4D STX
  • Ford Ranger Supercab 2D Sport
  • Ford Ranger Regular Cab Sport ( )
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab Lariat 2WD
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab XL 2WD
  • Ford Ranger Crew Cab XLT 2WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab Lariat 2WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab XL 2WD
  • Ford Ranger Extended Cab XLT 2WD

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MODEL History

Ford Ranger Short History

The Ford Ranger, first introduced in 1983 and re-launched in 2019 in the North American market, is a mid-size pickup truck known for its versatility, durability, and efficiency. The Ranger has been popular for both personal and commercial use, offering a practical alternative to larger full-size trucks.

The newer models of the Ranger are equipped with modern powertrains, including efficient turbocharged engines, and are designed with advanced technology and safety features. The truck offers commendable towing and payload capacities, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, from daily commuting to off-road adventures.

The interior of the Ranger blends functionality with comfort, providing a user-friendly experience with modern infotainment systems and connectivity features. The Ford Ranger appeals to those looking for a rugged, reliable, and capable pickup truck that is more maneuverable and economical than larger counterparts, maintaining its reputation as a practical and versatile vehicle.