Beat Vroom Offer

Let us beat your Vroom offer with a big margin. Just upload your Vroom offer and let us do the rest! Free pick up and On Spot Payment!

Let CarZilo beats your Vroom offer by a big margin! Vroom is a New York City-based used car retailer and e-commerce company that enables consumers to buy, sell and finance cars online.


How to Beat My KBB offer!

Are you looking to sell your car in the Los Angeles, Ventura or Orange County area? CarZilo is your answer. We purchase any and all drivable cars, Truck, SUVs, Vans and EVs, even those as old as the 2005 model, giving you more chances to get a better price for your ride.

We take pride in our instant cash offering, and beat Vroom offers. Unlike Vroom and other major car buying services that use computerized algorithms, CarZilo uses up-to-date live market value and local sale history to provide you with as custom offer for your vehicle.

CarZilo’s team of professionals evaluate a vehicle’s value based on what it’s worth on the day you want it to be appraised so that you get the money that you deserve. Sell your car online with CarZilo today.

*It’s important that you adequately disclose all the information about mileage, equipment, and damages to expedite the process.  All vehicle are subject to inspection. We reserve the right to refuse purchase of some makes and models.

How to get more for my car

Here are some helpful links to build more value for your car!